[mythtv-users] MythVideo and Flash Drives

George Mogielnicki george at begos.ca
Tue Feb 10 20:18:34 UTC 2009

> We have promoted our app to QA and so, while I am waiting for defects
> to start rolling in,  I am wandering through the mythtv user archives
> in a kind of stream of consciousness search pattern.  I came across a
> few threads on MythVideo and removable media which spoke to CDs, DVD's
> and USB Hard Drives.  It made me wonder if there was an existing
> method where any given user can insert one or more usb flash drives
> and have MythVideo automagically know about them, and thereby play its
> contents.  I guess I could just add /media to the directory path?  But
> then how do I set it up so that they can yank the drive without
> unmounting it?
> just wondering
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Mount has an option

 -o synch

Usually removable media is by default mounted in a synchronous mode and
the writing keeps on going although you copy operation has finished. I
used to have this option automatically enabled for ltsp thin clients and
it worked pretty well, don't remember any data loss.


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