[mythtv-users] Commercial PVR offerings - is MythTv still competitive ?

greg greg12866 at nycap.rr.com
Tue Feb 10 16:56:13 UTC 2009

George Mogielnicki wrote:
> I think you did not follow the post from the beginning. Unfortunately,
> this is happening a lot on this thread, just knee jerk reactions to the
> latest snippet. Let me try again:
> I'm a mythv user for at least 3 or 4 years (my first was Fedora 3 or 4
> using Jarod Wilson guide). I have a working SD system on Happauge 150
> card, 2TB of raid storage on NFS, etc... I'm not afraid of Linux and
> command line, my kids have ltsp workstations running ubuntu, Windows is
> relegated to vmware, I run lots of Linux server and desktop stuff at home
> ...
> I already have something ugly sitting next to my audio rack. If I ugrade,
> I want an improvement - small, CF boot, silent as possible, has to play
> 1080 HD, hence miniItx. For this configuration VDPAU is a must at least
> from thermal point of view.
> Speaking of thermal and noise, the HD receiver I'm testing now has no fan.
> The only noise coming from this setup is my usb drive humming.
> George
>> You won't be spending time compiling and troubleshooting VDPAU, because
>> it's not part of a stable release yet.
>> Since you're not yet a mythtv user, I'm assuming you're not willing to
>> commit to running the latest bleeding-edge myth release, for which you
>> do have to compile your own code, and follow along on the dev mailing
>> list to keep up on what's changed, what's broken, what's working, etc.
>> A better option for you would be to start without the HDPVR, and just
>> try out Mythtv with existing hardware you might already have, using
>> MPEG2 and SD or OTA, on the latest stable release.  Or if you don't
>> already have the hardware, buy something that can be upgraded or
>> re-purposed.  Don't start with the Mini-ITX system, start with something
>> ugly that just sits next to the tv, and is relatively quiet, not
>> necessarily silent, but a lot cheaper.
>> Then, once you get a sense of whether the software and features are
>> worth it to you, then start planning how you'll want to upgrade it.  Or,
>>   if it's not worth it to you, bask in the self-satisfaction that you
>> spent little or no money to find out.
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