[mythtv-users] Track down unstable hardware?

jarpublic at gmail.com jarpublic at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 18:18:12 UTC 2009

My mythtv box has become unstable lately. The system hangs hard. Whatever is
on screen stays there, but there is no response to mouse, keyboard, network,
etc. I am forced to do a hard reset. When I reset the machine I get a kernel
panic and an error message about failing to sync. Initially I thought I had
filesystem corruption or something from the hard reset. However, I have
found that if I wait a little while the system will boot back up fine with
out the kernel panic. So currently I think there must be some hardware or
temperature issue, but I have no idea how to track down the unstable
component. I have had uptime for about 1-2 months and now it has happened
again twice today. I can't find any errors in the logs that I know of. The
freezes don't seem to correlate with heavy system load or anything.
Sometimes it has hung when it was just sitting idle. Other times when I am
just watching a single show with no recordings going on. Are there any ideas
of what could cause the system to hanging and the resultant kernel panic,
and why it would correct itself if I let the system sit for a while before
rebooting. It seems like it must be temperature related to me, but I am not
sure how to check this out. Plus I have a large case sitting in a chili
Boston living room, so temperatures should be nice and cool.
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