[mythtv-users] [mythtv] Why can I pretend to change the volume if internal controls are disabled?

Ben Coleman arrikhan_mail at yahoo.com.au
Fri Feb 6 23:53:09 UTC 2009

Joe wrote:
>> On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 10:25 AM, Andrew Barbaccia <andrew at monolithmc.com>
>> wrote:
>>>> Unmap the "volume button" on your remote from MythTV and map it to you
>>>> receiver.
>>>> Kevin
>>> I think that's a good workaround, but I want to fix the problem.
>> Why are you pushing a button to perform a function that does nothing on your
>> system?  Seriously?  People spend waaay to much time messing around with
>> stuff.  Move on.
> Personally, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss/reject stuff like this.
> While I agree it's pretty minor, in general having buttons or things
> in the menus which do not work or do something other than what is
> advertised takes away from the feeling of a complete and polished
> package.  Simply said it promotes a perpetual "unfinished" feeling.
> If it is a simple change, I'd vote for just changing the text in the
> OSD to tell the user that the button they just pressed did nothing.
> At least this would make the UI honest and it seems like a minor/quick
> patch.  Possibly reducing confusion for someone down the road can't be
> a bad thing if it doesn't break anything.
> Just my $0.02.
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I've never known any device to say, "that button doesn't do anything 
because you configured it not to". I have seen buttons being pressed on 
the wrong menu say, "that doesn't work here..." (DVD players) but 
personally, when you're actually watching something, you want the least 
pop-ups I would expect. Also, the last example is trying to access a new 
menu, not a function. Surely there is standard framework around 
behaviour of options. If there isn't.. it'd be worth writing them for 
all to follow to keep things consistent.


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