[mythtv-users] Possible XvBA support soon?

Andrew Barbaccia andrew at monolithmc.com
Tue Feb 3 13:57:52 UTC 2009

All this talk about VDPAU makes me want to buy an nVidia card. I was gonna
do it this week but then this article posted:

about VA-API using VDPAU in the backend. Also theres a mention of work going
on to support an XvBA backend as well.

Maybe someone with some more developing experience can help answer this:

Do you think MythTV will switch to interfacing with the VA-API layer rather
than supporting each driver's API individually (VDPAU, XvBA, etc)?

I know VA-API hasn't had much steam but if XvBA remains undocumented it
seems that VA-API would be the only way to take advantage of it...

Just some thoughts for a tuesday morning.

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