[mythtv-users] Up-To-Date (UK) FreeSAT channel numbers?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Feb 2 03:14:34 UTC 2009

Bradley Kite wrote:
> Hi there.
> Does any body have a proper list of free-set channels and their
> numbers? From scanning, the numbers are all messed up, like BBC 1 is
> 6302 instead of 101. All the channel numbers from the scan are in
> their thousands and make no sense.
> I found a list on the web here:
> http://www.radioandtelly.co.uk/freesatchannels.html but it seems out
> of date.
> I'm trying to work on a way to automatically map the channel-numbers
> from the scan into something more sensible, so that after a scan you
> dont have to re-do every thing again in the channel editor.

If you are doing the scan in myth, the starting digit of chanid depends 
upon the card number. So this scan was done with your *sixth* card. You 
have probably played with your card setups and not re-set the card count.

If you do a 'delete all cards' in mythtv-setup you will re-set that 
counter and further scans will be numbered by the order in which you 
enter the card(s) again.

Chanid is not the same thing as channum. Channum is what appears 
onscreen, but chanid is used internally.

If you are doing a 'bare metal' install and do not have a library of 
recordings, you can live a little dangerously and use mysql directly or 
phpMyAdmin, and renumber the chanid entries in the channel table after 
the scan but *before doing anything else* (especialy retrieving lineups 
etc from Schedules Direct if anyone wants to try this in North America: 
you have been warned). The idea here is to 'fix' the chanid before it 
gets used to tag other things....should work by YMMV.

If you already have a library of recordings, your old recordings will 
have a different prefix on the filename.

If you are doing the scan outside of myth...I have no ideas.


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