[mythtv-users] Ideas for MythMusic rewrite

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Wed Dec 30 20:11:28 UTC 2009


Great news !

I think importance myth as music jukebox is simple underestimated - 
taking into account that very reach functionality Myth provides - it 
makes it not PVR, but central part of digital home.
If You ask me what I want to have in mythtmusic I would say following:

-it will be nice to have 2 basic modes:
1.music collection browsing
2.play-lists browsing
Switching between them might be arranged be similar to mythvideo's 
DBmode/FileBrowse mode switch.

Music collection mode:

-Current 3-pane presentation design is nice as it allow nicely showing 
hierarchy i.e. genre-artist-album-song.
New UI should be good in presenting multilevel-tree (everybody using 
Macs knows beauty of multi-column flow mode in Finder).
2-levels is definitely to low. Ideally will be at lest 3 or 4 level 

-Content presentation might be based on views. View means given sort of 
presenting user music collection. It might be based on configured searches.
It would be nice to have at setup-phase, configured search criterias.
Examples: disk-tree, year<70, genre=metal, ranked>4, most played, string 
in album='live', etc. Searches should have user defined labels.
Such approach will allow to see all collection in many different views.

-Access to content might be similar to launching watch recordings when 
grups are defined.
So user launch mythmusic; pop-up with list of labels(searches) appears; 
user chooses label; multilevel tree (based on search) is presented.
Arrows should allow browsing, Enter launches playback.

-It would be ergonomically, if on given selection, right-button/keyM 
will kick popup menu with:
1.Repeat playback
2.Add to playlist (link to nested menu with all defined playlists + 
"make new" entry)
3.Edit ID tags
4.Download metadata
5.Show lyrics
6.Hide song

-Album art might be presented as background - in the same way as in 
MythVideo cover arts are presented.

-Also visualizers might be presented as background or full screen mode.

Playlist mode:

This mode might be working almost exactly as Music Collection mode. So:

-launching mythmusic kicks popup with list of all play-lists.
User selects play-list, press OK and play-list is presented in 
multilevel tree. Playback is started.

-Arrows allows browsing, Enter selects playback of given song.

-Pressing on given selection right-button/keyM will kick popup menu with:

1.Repeat playback
2.Move up
3.Move down
2.Remove from playlist
3.Edit ID tag
4.Download song metadata
5.Show song lyrics
6.Create New playlist
7.Delete this playlist

This is very rough scenario.
I believe it is simple and consistent with other parts of myth.

Hope it is good starting point to wide discussion in brain-storming mode....

At the end I want to say incredibly big thanx for myth Devs for their work.
I simply love Myth.

Guys, thx and keep going !

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