[mythtv-users] analog video capture cards

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Dec 30 15:45:27 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 30 December 2009 08:36:37 am Sasha Sirotkin wrote:
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> As I'm thinking to use NVIDIA ION platform I would prefer a card with
> hardware encoding.

The Plextor device is is a hardware encoding device. I have not tried one with 
0.22, but I see it's still listed as a choice for encoder types, so I assume 
it still works, it worked well with 0.20, though only the mpeg4 mode was 
supported by Myth. 

> Again, just to clarify, I don't really need to receive analog
> broadcasting, but rather video input via s-video.

Understand, but just about all the devices that do that can also tune analog 
RF signals. I think there is/was a version of the Plextor that did not have a 
tuner though.

I use a PVR-150 to record S-Video from a satellite receiver and it works quite 
well. In fact, the tuner is a weak point in the PVRs, the baseband recordings 
look significantly better than ones made using the RF input.

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