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Sasha Sirotkin Sasha.Sirotkin at comsysmobile.com
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On Wednesday 30 December 2009 12:20:17 am Sasha Sirotkin wrote:
> What analog video capture cards work with Mythtv ? By analog I mean
> s-video/RCA, not analog broadcasting.
> The relevant section on the web site is not up to date - most of the
> cards listed there are not sold anymore.

Sounds like you're in the USA. With the demise of analog NTSC
analog cards are getting hard to find.

E-Bay might be a source.

The "gold standard" of analog cards for Myth is/was probably the
PVR-x50 series, but other cards/devices can be made to work.

HD-3000/5500 cards will work, but require software encoding. The Plextor
TV402U devices also work, but all of these are getting hard to find, as
have discovered.

As I'm thinking to use NVIDIA ION platform I would prefer a card with
hardware encoding. 

Again, just to clarify, I don't really need to receive analog
broadcasting, but rather video input via s-video.
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