[mythtv-users] New MythTV setup and HDTV

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 03:14:21 UTC 2009

> My options are Comcast, DirecTV, and DishNetwork. I would like to be able to
> record whatever channels I get (HD and non-HD).
> I understand that I will need to use the STB from which ever of these
> providers I choose, and I believe from my previous experience with MythTV
> that some of these STBs can be controlled via Firewire, USB, or Serial?

Well controlling set top boxes and capturing from them are two
separate issues. Some set top boxes can be controlled in the way you
listed, but as a fail safe you can almost always control them with an
IR blaster which mimics a remote control. It hard to off much more
details with out know what specific box you will have.

As far as capturing HD goes, you really only have one way to get all
HD channels. That is with the HD-PVR which can capture component
output and encodes it to H.264. Some people can get some HD channels
of firewire, but that is hit or miss, and usually then it is still
limited to the broadcast channels that are free over the air (ABC,

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