[mythtv-users] 0.22 annoyances

Ben Woodhouse ben32768 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 30 03:07:51 UTC 2009

It seems logical that this behaviour should be determined by the theme, as it's the theme which determines whether the right-arrow is required or not. 

I consider this to be a usability issue because it requires an extra (unnecessary in most cases) button mapping which is less accessible than the right arrow. The right arrow is amongst the 5 most accessible buttons on most remotes, and it was a good choice for that menu, since it contains a lot of commonly used functionality. On my remote, I simply don't have any spare buttons anywhere close to that core region, so it's a pain to have to use something else. Yeah, I would probably get used to it, to some extent, but it would never be as convenient.  

--- On Wed, 30/12/09, Johnny <jarpublic at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] 0.22 annoyances
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> Date: Wednesday, 30 December, 2009, 2:34
> > The right button / i button
> switch is probably an unfortunate but
> > necessary change (to allow horizontal scrolling
> menus). I have had the
> > i button mapped forever, but perhaps thats cos my mce
> remote has one.
> > People will get used to it.
> I keep seeing this, but from what I understand I think this
> is too
> narrow. It wasn't just for horizontal scrolling menus. It
> is because
> the theme doesn't just have a single (or double) vertical
> list like
> the old UI did. It could have other widgets, menus, etc to
> the right
> of your recordings, or your recordings may be on the left
> and
> everything else is on the right. The point is themers are
> free to put
> widgets list etc in any order or arrangement they like on
> the screen.
> So binding the right arrow to a menu would hamper the
> ability to
> navigate in such a system. The suggestion to allow a themer
> to bind a
> right movement to a menu seems like a valuable option. But
> confusing
> usability with "what I am used to" is a false notion. The
> new freedom
> of the MythUI can actually greatly improve the usability
> but it is up
> to the theme writer to make that happen.
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