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>I am rebuilding my MythTV system.  The previous one had a Hauppauge cap
card which crapped out (video out portion).  I want an IR receiver on my new
system and I'm wondering if I can use >this card for that purpose (it has
built in IR) without using any of the other functions on it.  


>If not, or if that's a bad idea, does anyone know where I can buy a
receiver so I can use the handheld remote that came with the Hauppauge?  I
checked the Wiki, but it suggests a homebrew >receiver (I've got enough on
my hands with the MythTV rebuild, thanks) or buying the Microsoft MCE







I had a similar problem - and had to remove the Nova-T500 card from my
system (replaced with a USB DVB-T tuner) - and yes I kept the Hauppauge
remote, by using a streamzap USB receiver (which I already had).

I used irrecord to setup the new lircd.conf, the remote codes don't even
remotely (nice pun) match the ones when it was using the IR receiver plugged
into the tuner card. 

Best thing is it solved also the issues I'd had from 8.04,8.10,9.04 with
/usr/share/hal/fdi/preprobe/20thirdparty/lirc.fdi, the udev rules and
/dev/input events annoyances.


Here's the lircd.conf I recorded for the NovaT-500 Remote using the
Streamzap USB receiver .



begin remote


 name  NOVA-T500

 bits           13


 eps            30

 aeps          256


 one             914     916

 zero            914     916

 plead           913

 gap          111992

 toggle_bit_mask 0x800



     begin codes

         Go                       0x17BB

         Power                    0x17BD

         TV                       0x179C

         Videos                   0x1798

         Music                    0x1799

         Pictures                 0x179A

         Guide                    0x179B

         Radio                    0x178C

         ArrowUp                  0x1794

         ArrowLeft                0x1796

         OK                       0x17A5

         ArrowRight               0x1797

         ArrowDown                0x1795

         BackExit                 0x179F

         Menu                     0x178D

         VolumeUp                 0x1790

         VolumeDown               0x1791

         PrevCh                   0x1792

         Mute                     0x178F

         ChannelUp                0x17A0

         ChannelDown              0x17A1

         Record                   0x17B7

         Rewind                   0x17B2

         SkipBack                 0x17A4

         Play                     0x17B5

         Pause                    0x17B0

         Stop                     0x17B6

         Fwdwind                  0x17B4

         SkipFwd                  0x179E

         1                        0x1781

         2                        0x1782

         3                        0x1783

         4                        0x1784

         5                        0x1785

         6                        0x1786

         7                        0x1787

         8                        0x1788

         9                        0x1789

         Star                     0x178A

         0                        0x1780

         Hash                     0x178E

         Enter                    0x17A7

         one                      0x0046

         two                      0x0050

         three                    0x0051

         four                     0x004B

         five                     0x004C

         six                      0x004D

         seven                    0x0047

         eight                    0x0048

         nine                     0x0049

         ten                      0x0052

         Red                      0x178B

         Green                    0x17AE

         Yellow                   0x17B8

         Blue                     0x17A9

     end codes


end remote



You can get a cheap remotes with USB IR receivers on dealextreme (if you
don't have a spare like I did)



Or even a whole remote that looks a lot like the Hauppauge one.









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