[mythtv-users] New Myth setup - questions about storage.

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Mon Dec 28 23:31:04 UTC 2009

On 28 Dec 2009 at 11:50, Derek & Cindi Cass wrote:

>     I am rebuilding my mythbox to take advantage of 4 new 640GB drives that I now have. I am 
>     planning on putting them together in a RAID5 array for recordings and to use as a file server for 
>     all the computers on my home network.
>     I am planning on putting the OS on a separate hard drive, and therein lie my questions. I have a 
>     few hard drives to choose from, a 80GB ide, 120GB ide, a 160 GB SATA, and a 500GB SATA. I 
>     would prefer to use the SATA drives in other computers in the house, but I am concerned about 
>     system performance using the slower ide drives as the OS drive. The optical drive in this system 
>     is also an ide drive, although it doesn´t get much use. I am aware of performance issues with a 
>     hard drive and an optical drive sharing the same channel, but I only rip the (very) occasional 
>     DVD; I never use it as a CD or DVD player since the mythbox is hidden away in a closet. The 
>     motherboard in this system (Gigabyte M57SLI-S4) only has 1 ide channel, so the OS drive and 
>     optical drive would have to share it.
>     Should I use the ide drive as my main drive?
>     Are there any issues with using ide and sata in the same system?
>     I have recently seen threads regarding performance issues with ext4. What filesystems should I 
>     use for the RAID5 and OS drives?
>     I have the option of using a SATA optical drive in this system. Would it be more beneficial to 
>     use both ide drives: one for OS, one for MYSQL?
>     Other relevant system specs: Athlon X2 4800+, NVidia 9500GT, 2 GB ram, HD PVR, Hauppage 
>     HVR-1600. I will be running .22-fixes and Fedora 12.
>     Any feedback would be appreciated!
>     -Derek

My backend runs 6  750GB SATA drives for storage, configued as 3  1.5TB 
raid 0 arrays, since I'm most concerned with maximizing storage space. I 
have run XFS on my storage drives for many years, with nary a hicup.

My system disk is a 40 GB IDE drive that shares the cable with a BluRay/HD-
DVD drive. This system disk is about twice as big as it needs to be. It runs 

Both the OS and MySQL are on the system disk. The storage arrays have all 
the recordings, music, RIPs.

It's dedicated to being a MythTV backend/frontend only, as I have another 
server on my home network for everything else. My system has been rock-
solid for years. 

In my case, on my hardware, this configuration has been very well-behaved.


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