[mythtv-users] MythMediaMonitor: A MythVideo Alternative

Ben Curtis mythtv at nosolutions.com
Mon Dec 28 04:27:46 UTC 2009

> Note that the plan is to integrate MythVideo and recordings into a 
> common set of DB tables, *not* to unify their UIs. Videos and 
> recordings lend themselves to different functionalities, and there are 
> no immediate plans to lump them together in the interface.

Good to know, the script should have a more lengthy lifespan, then.

> Ahhh my mistake, ok this brings up another question then, does 
> MythMediaMonitor also add entries to oldrecorded as to not record an 
> episode that already exists?

Not as of now, I didn't create this functionality as you may have ripped a
season DVD, and then the episode comes on an HD channel and you want it
recorded.  I will look at include this as an option in a future version,
perhaps with a "recording priority" type option as well.

> I never got the original message, so I apologize for replying a few 
> levels down. I have a few critiques.
> *cut*
> _Database access_
> Right now, you require the user to supply their access credentials.
> Ideally you would parse ~/.mythtv/config.xml for this information.
> *cut*

This is great info, thanks. As I originally just put this together just for
my system, this will defiantly help refine the script.  As I was putting it
together I realized going with Perl would have made it easier to integrate
in later considering Myth's bindings, but alas, hind-site was 20/20.
Specific to the DB access comment, I think I'll keep the credentials in the
script, or I'll add an option in for location of the XML, since many people
may run this as a different user than they run Myth.

> I really like your idea, but when trying to run it it seems I am
> getting an error:
> *cut*
> I have one tvshow and one movie in place to test, but as you can see
> it claims they are already in the database, which they are not. There
> is also an error in the script in that it wont honor the mysql user
> name but is hardcoded to root.
> And there are also comments on using python/perl instead of bash. I'd
> ask you to stay away from python, that is a mess with compatibility
> problems between versions which makes scripts a nightmare to run. I
> run Centos, because I like to set up my machines and then dont touch
> them for a year or three except for the occasional upgrades, but right
> now getting for example jamu to run is a mess.
> And BTW, will this script run with 0.21-fixes? That might be the
> problem.. I have been holding off on upgrading because there seems to
> be no end of problems with database upgrades and I am also worried my
> oldest frontends cant cope with it (800 Mhz, 256 Mb memory)
> *cut*
> Answering myself again, it seems to put it in the Default recording
> group, even if you set RECORDINGGROUP to something else.

I'm seeing some really weird errors in your debug output.. Can you paste me
your config at the top of the script?  Feel free to do this in the comments
of the hosted page instead of on the list if you don't want to crowd the
list.  I monitor the comments regularly.

As for the hardcoded username, that is fixed in 0.02 (available on the site
now). If I recode, it will be to Perl, not Python (also a CentOS fan, btw).
For 0.21-fixes, unfortunately I have no idea since I don't have .21 running
anymore.  If you send me a "desc recordings" from mysql, I can let you know,
as that is the only table modified.

I'll look into the Recording Group, but I wonder if it's got to do with 0.21
support, as it seems to be working for me.


Thanks for the feedback everyone,
Benjamin Curtis

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