[mythtv-users] German HD channels...

Tobias Maier diespambox at gmx.net
Sun Dec 27 16:37:07 UTC 2009

Schuren, Mark <schurenmark at versanet.de> wrote:
> Hi myth-users,does anybody know- if the patch from ticket #7481 can
> be applied to 0.22-fixes, or trunk only?
> (http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/7481)- why this ticket is locked
> / has not been accepted since 2 months? Any known problems? I read
> some people reported success viewing German HD using this patch.-
> how could I try and apply this patch myself (I'm not a coder...
> currently running Mythbuntu Karmic with 0.22-fixes build 23003 from
> the "avenard testing" repositories)?- are there any sourcecode
> packages from JYA's repositories available, or would I have to
> compile everything from scratch ( if I dare to )?Or just for lazy
> people like me: does anyone out there have binary "latest
> avenard-testing + patch-7481" deb packages for a poor German
> Mythbuntu guy that wants to record/watch German HD channels with a
> 0.22-fixes environment?I'd be thankful for any hints, "just wait a
> few more weeks" would also be helpful :)Regards,Mark

I'm using this patch with svn trunk (rev 23004) and it works like a
charm... I think it will most likly work with the fixes branch too,
can't see why not. But I'm not a dev so don't trust me :-)

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