[mythtv-users] Jamu without storage groups

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Sat Dec 26 22:55:12 UTC 2009

    Jamu works with and without storage groups and even supports a 
mixture. The latest 0.22+fixes Jamu version 0.6.0 has a method of 
displaying which directories Jamu will use for processing. In a terminal 
session type:
 > ./jamu -MVf

A lot of information will be displayed but right at the top of the 
display is a report showing the directories for each type of file 
(videos and images) and whether they are local paths or storage groups. 
If you are using Mythbuntu make sure you have latest 0.22+fixes by 
getting the daily updates. Follow this link for instructions:

To check the jamu version you have installed type:
 > ./jamu -v

If you do not want to use storage groups then make sure that you do not 
have the backend setting storage group for "Videos". Without a "Videos" 
storage group Jamu will process all your video meta data with absolute 

One thing that people do not realise is that all directory settings are 
identified by the PCs hostname. Jamu will only get its directory 
settings from the backend it is running on. That means if you have a 
separate FE Jamu does not see any of that FE's directory settings. If 
you want Jamu to process the directories you have set on a separate FE 
then do the following:
1) Make sure the BE has access to those directories, (RO) for the video 
directory and (RW) for the image directories.
2) Add the directory settings to the BE using a FE running on that BE. 
Having a FE installed on a backend does require many resources. You 
really only need it to enter your directory settings.

I hope this helps.


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