[mythtv-users] Jamu without storage groups

Andrew Lee andrewkl at enclavenet.com
Sat Dec 26 16:21:50 UTC 2009

Anyone know how to use Jamu.py without storage groups? In order to use it
for mass updating, I have to temp. set the storage group to where all my
videos are stored. However the paths of the files after mass updating are
wrong in the videometadata folder. They correspond to storage group paths. I
dont want to use storage groups because I am using mplayer. So when I switch
the SG videos directory to some other directory in order to disable it, all
the metadata is not pulled for the files using the frontend. If I try to run
jamu.py with my SG video path set to nothing, of course it will see no video
files. It seems that the new jamu.py only looks for SG and cannot be used
without them. I guess my question is this:

How do I disable storage groups?
How do I use Jamu.py to update the videometadata table without using storage
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