[mythtv-users] Comparison Geforce 8200 vs AMD HD4200

Razorblade Razorblade at kabelbw.de
Thu Dec 24 06:25:15 UTC 2009

Hi everybody,

does anybody of you have experience with the Radeon IGP HD4200 and 
mythtv? I'm interested in HD and SD TV playback, DVDs and (maybe later) 
BluRay playback.

Is the HD4200 currently supported?
Is the NVIDIA IGP 8200 (with vdpau) faster and more reliable with Linux 
and mythtv?

For some other computer I need a new mainboard with an IGP. And I'm 
thinking about replacing my current, well working, GeForce 8200 
mainboard with a HD 4200 IGP mainboard and the other computer will get 
the 8200 IGP board - but only if there are some benefits with the Radeon 

Greetings and merry christmas
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