[mythtv-users] Keep recorded shows

sonofzev at iinet.net.au sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Thu Dec 24 04:07:58 UTC 2009

>> A couple of simple ways around this .. .
>> a) hit the record button when watching a show you want to keep
>> b) transcode the show after watching it...
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>The program is already recorded and set not to expire.  I want to keep
>it.  However it is currently in my recording group.  First 1TB drive
>with the O/S.
>I want to move it to my video directory/filesystem that is a mirrored
>set of 1TB drives.  However before I do that I want to rip it down to
>size with handbrake.  All of my recordings are OTA.  HD OTA are huge
>files 5-6GB per/hr.
>I can figure out what mpg file it is using Mythweb, but just thought
>there was a better way.

So we are definitely looking at point b 'transcode' 
You can setup a User Job with handbrake or other tools. I use mythnuv2mkv, but
handbrake is an option, or ffmpeg... it's really up to you... look at the mythtv
wiki and google and you will find everything you need. 

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