[mythtv-users] 'Wakeup' Delay on Idle Frontend

Kevin Ross kevin at familyross.net
Wed Dec 23 04:34:07 UTC 2009

Jim Stichnoth wrote:
> (snip log output)
> Note the 5 second delay waiting on a lock while nothing else happens,
> after which this message is written to the log:
> Error in my_thread_global_end(): 3 threads didn't exit
> and then a new connection to the database is initiated.
> A web search on this error message suggests that it is an application
> problem related to Qt, MySQL, and thread creation/destruction.  My
> frontend system has mysql 5.0.67 and qt 4.5.2 installed, for what it's
> worth.
> Any ideas on this, before I give up and open a ticket?
> Jim

Nice find.  I also get the delay when a frontend has been idle for a 
while.  This is just a guess, but it could be the socket has been closed 
on the MySQL server side for being idle too long, but the client still 
tries to use it.

-- Kevin

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