[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend not responding to LIRC commands for 1 minute, then works just fine?

Jay Summet summetj at gatech.edu
Wed Dec 23 03:06:57 UTC 2009

I have my LIRC set up correctly. I've tested it with irw, etc. I can
use my power button to activate my DPMS (monitor power on/off) script.

However, the MythTV frontend does not respond to IR remote control
commands  FOR ONE MINUTE on startup. After this, it does start to
respond and works normally thereafter.  If I kill Mythfrontend and
re-start, I have to wait another minute for the IR remote commands to
be responded to.

Because irw shows the commands, and my irexec script that toggles DPMS
works throughout the process, I believe this is a problem with
mythfrontend. Because it does work correctly after the first minute or
so, I think it's some type of time-out issue.

Has anybody seen this before? Point me to a solution? If not, what
logs should I be looking at?


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