[mythtv-users] Why no active EIT scan?

Christian G. von Busse CvB at kruemel.org
Mon Dec 21 20:25:30 UTC 2009

I started my backend with -v eit in order to see why it is not collecting
any EIT data from my DVB-S card, which otherwise is running fine. The log

2009-12-21 21:00:53.109 EITScanner (1): Now looking for EIT data on
multiplex of channel 6
2009-12-21 21:00:53.149 EITCache: Pruning all entries that ended before
UTC 2009-12-20T21:03:53
2009-12-21 21:00:53.189 EITCache: Deleting old cache entries from the
2009-12-21 21:00:53.799 EITScanner (1): EIT scan ignoring sourceid.
2009-12-21 21:00:53.839 EITScanner (1): Started passive scan.

The backend is set to start EIT crawling after 30 secs of idle running,
and it set to be used for active EIT scan, and "Use quick tuning" is set
to "LiveTV only".

Any ideas what the reason might be for why mythtv is not collecting any
EIT data?

Thanks, Christian

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