[mythtv-users] Hauppauge remote control on DVB-S card

Andre Newman mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Sun Dec 20 20:47:18 UTC 2009

On 20 Dec 2009, at 19:12, Jack Weeden wrote:

> Hi guys,
> In my ongoing effort to get Myth running with a new Hauppauge DVB-S
> card (specifically the WinTV-Nova-S-HD), I'm having trouble with the
> remote control. I'm just using a default Ubuntu install with 0.22

I went through just the same only a couple of weeks ago with a HVR-4000 which is a HD-S2 with a DVBT tuner as well. I'm guessing that when you say WinTV-Nova-S-HD you really mean a Nova HD-S2, even if not all the Hauppauge cards seem to use the same setup for ir.

I found that it mostly worked but about half the buttons were not working and i resisted lirc for that reason, however I only got it working by following the Linux TV Wiki quide and finding a different lircd.conf file. The one the wiki gives didn't work for me also I found out about the mythbuntu-lirc-generator.

I too found that once lirc was there the direct event input stopped working I tried many many lircd.conf files finding that some buttons worked with the official lirc files but not all, google found me a bunch of different lircd.conf examples, I tried them all until one worked properly. Once that was in place I had all the buttons working and the mythbuntu-lirc-generator automagically created all the right mappings for me.


I don't remember where I found the working lircd.conf, sorry but I'm sure if you google the exact name of your card and try a few one will be right, maybe it changes subtly with different driver versions too?

I can post mine if you need it but I'll do that once we establish which exact card you have.

> get from it is seeing some garbled output from 'cat
> /dev/input/eventX'. I've installed Mythbuntu Control Centre and tried
> enabling Lirc and choosing each of the different Hauppauge remotes
> from the list it can generate configs from but, as earlier, enabling
> Lirc results in the remote completely not working.

Sounds very very familiar, shame I didn't keep detailed notes.


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