[mythtv-users] Help? MythMusic has me stumped.

Craig Huff huffcslists at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 19:14:21 UTC 2009

I have a frontend with a built-in flash memory card reader and a flash
card inserted with mp3 files on it that I can see using an xterm.  I
was not able to play them or import them.

I went to the backend and was not able to import them there.  Then I
figured out that the folder they were to be kept in hadn't been
defined yet.  I created the folder, imported the files and was able to
play them on the backend.

I went back to the frontend and, while it found the "All My Music"
list of song files, it couldn't play them.  I supposed that was
because it wasn't NFS mounted from the backend.  I got into the xterm
again and created the local folder on the frontend.  Then I tried to
import the files locally on the frontend again, but it said they were
all already imported.

I went back to the backend and tried to find a way within mythfrontend
to delete them, but was unsuccessful, so I opened an xterm and deleted
them from the music folder.

That didn't help.  Now both systems think there are music files that
aren't there anymore and neither of them can play the music.

Can someone help me clean up this mess and tell me how to go about it right?


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