[mythtv-users] SchedulesDirect - program (NFL) change, what should I expect in Myth?

Dave Richardson mythtv at derdev.com
Sun Dec 20 15:12:55 UTC 2009

> On 12/19/2009 3:18 PM, Dave Richardson wrote:
>> So, my BROAD QUESTION (as a SchedulesDirect user) is: What should I
>> expect
>> to see (or what should I do) to ensure that my system updates to the
>> best
>> information when these kind of "last minute" updates occur????
> I don't think we'll ever be able to deal with instant corrections
> (presidential speeches, sport runs long, etc).  Heck,  I don't think the
> ATSC guide does that.
> Right now the data is updated daily.  Zap2it.com is updated more
> frequently and we hope to be getting those updates soon.  I think 24
> hours is a reasonable goal.
> Data Quality (including updates) is a constant battle, and probably
> always will be.
> Schedules Direct does accept these reports, and has a way to report them
> to Tribune (sorry, RobertK! :) ).   While it is difficult to get things
> fixed in time, we do try and certainly get systemic problems fixed. I
> remember one case where only the second and fourth showing of "So You
> Think You Can Dance" was being flagged as new.  The first was a repeat,
> but the third should have been "new".
> I've been told many times by Tribune's  execs we're quite the PITA due
> to the volume of our reports. :)   They really are good guys and realize
> that when we report errors we help their products for everyone.  For
> some of their customers, it's just a job.  We OSS folks are sometimes
> fanatics. :)  (or we wouldn't spend so much time on our systems).   I've
> started charting ticket resolution times and things have improved over
> these 3 years both in ticket volume and resolution time.
> Tribune really does an amazing job considering the volume and volatility
> of the data.   The data is probably 99.99% correct.  It's easy to focus
> on problems (and we should to improve), just don't forget how much is
> accurate.
> Robert
> Schedules Direct

Robert, thanks for answering on behalf of Schedules Direct.  Yes, clearly
a great many things work with the service and I'm sure we're all

Frankly, my question wasn't even intended to be anything close to an
indictment of the service or the data.  I was hoping to build up from the
myth/mythfilldatabase side of the question.  I wasn't at all sure the
generic mythfilldatabase script run was going to update the data I needed
- and it turns out that was the primary issue (for me).  (I'm still
learning this beast)

Sorry that my question was posted in the middle of the service
interruption, it probably caught you at the wrong time...


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