[mythtv-users] EIT (DVB-S) data problems

Christian CvB at kruemel.org
Fri Dec 18 11:54:35 UTC 2009

I have problems with EIT data scanning by mythtv (0.22): mythtv scans too
slowly or does not recognize the data, not sure what it is. But I
repeatedly come across situations where there is no EIT data stored for
some channels in mythtv.

I can fix the situation by running tv_grab_dvb and importing the data with
mythfilldatabase into the database. However, since scanning all
multiplexes with zap and tv_grab_dvb (requires, of course, to shutdown
mythbackend first, as mythbackend is set to actively scan for EIT data)
takes only 3 minutes, followed by mythfilldatabase, I wonder what mythtv
is doing all day long ;-). (It's not recording 20 hours a day, and only 15
programs are supposed to be scanned for EIT data.)

Does anybody have a suggestion for what I could try to change? I'd rather
like to use the EIT data as formatted by mythtv than by tv_grab_dvb. But
not having current data (and thus tv shows not being recorded) is not
really the best solution.

Thanks, Christian

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