[mythtv-users] Adding HDHR to a master backend with an HDPVR already

Johnny Walker johnnyjboss at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 21:40:21 UTC 2009

>> 2) Kicks back to the main FE page with an error about opening a
>> jump file, or some other error that I can't remember. However, it's at this
>> point that my FE becomes unstable and will no longer tune any channels. I
>> have to restart mythfrontend. When I relaunch mythfrontend and attempt to
>> watch TV, I have to quickly remember to tune to a good channel, or step 2
>> repeats itself and I have to restart the app once again.

> I had the same issue setting up my HDHR.  The problem is when you tune
> to the bad channel, it gets setup in the database before the channel
> is really good.  I had a separate SQL window open that would update
> the startchan field of the cardinput table to '2', which was working
> so that I could reliably just start mythfrontend.

This is the EXACT problem I was having - Things seem stable for the
moment but I have to go sort out the channels. Thanks for the tip on
keeping a mysql prompt open during this process. That will be most
helpful when I've got plenty of time to myself.


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