[mythtv-users] NewEgg Cheap Nvidia GT220 Cards

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Thu Dec 17 03:46:52 UTC 2009

> OK I got it.  Actually came Monday but just had a chance now to put it
> in.  The good, the bad, and the ugly:
> Good:  VDPAU works with this card.   No update to the driver or
> anything.  I have a hunch my dell OEM 8300GS was really a 7000-based
> card.

The bad and ugly parts are unfortunate, but as you suggest I'm not
convinced they have anything to do with this card directly. Have you
tried to see what deinterlacers you can get with 1080i content
(although the wiki says no for Advanced 2x, I thought I recall reading
something suggesting it MIGHT be possible with the card).

Anyway, I've been holding off on buying this card for a few weeks now
(I like the low power consumption and fanless design). Maybe it's time
I go ahead and place the order.

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