[mythtv-users] remote frontend on a Mac

lee lee at yun.yagibdah.de
Wed Dec 16 23:38:52 UTC 2009

On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 11:59:27AM -0500, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> On Dec 16, 2009, at 11:52 AM, lee wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > how do you set up a remote frontend on a Mac? I tried,
> You do it pretty much the same way you do under Linux. It works just
> fine on both my Mac Mini and MacBook Pro under Mac OS X.

It doesn't work the same way. The settings are totally messed up ---
apparently mythtv is not able to handle multiple users and multiple

> > but:
> > 
> > 
> > 1.) it's unusably slow
> Not here.

but here

> > 2.) apparently, it uses at least part of the settings for a frontend
> > on one computer on another one as well
> You probably have a hostname collision. Could even be the host itself if it dual-boots Mac OS X and Linux. For such systems, I use an explicit hostname override to keep the OS X and Linux settings for what are the same host from colliding.

It's two different computers, and there are no name collisions in the DNS.

> > 3.) it produces error messages about failed communication with the
> > backend
> > 
> > 4.) it is unknown which access rights to the database the remote
> > frontend needs
> > 
> > 5.) the remote frontend tries to update the database and fails
> > 
> > 6.) it's not possible to watch recordings
> Setting up these bits is no different than on Linux.

Then why can't I watch them?

> > 7.) the recordings of one user are available to the remote frontend
> > and thus to another user
> Huh? What's the problem here?

It's another user, but mythtv doesn't seem to understand that.

> > I expected it would be possible for a user at the remote frontend to
> > use his own settings and make his own recordings and watch them at his
> > frontend, independent of other users at other frontends (as far as
> > hardware limitations of the TV card allow), with an option to share
> > recordings between users if they want to. If that isn't possible,
> > what's the point?
> All recordings are shared within a single MythTV setup (which encompasses all frontends and backends tied to the same master backend). MythTV doesn't have a concept of "users" really.

That sucks, and it's totally ridiculous. How do I prevent another user
from removing my recordings or from preventing me from recording
something because he's trying to record something else at the same

And how could you have remote frontends when they all use the same
settings? You would be required to have identical hard- and software
for all the frontends.

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