[mythtv-users] multiple cards, different capture types

Robert Rust lists.mythtv-users at digitalsilk.net
Wed Dec 16 02:11:58 UTC 2009

I have a Mythbuntu 9 system set up with a PVR-150 and a PVR-1600.  The
PVR-150 is working beautifully.  I have a couple of questions about the
setup of the PVR-1600 however.

1) I would like to capture video from the cable box so I can record the
encrypted channels.  I have the script set up for changing channels.  I
can capture the video just fine.  What I can't figure out is how to
capture the audio with the video?  I have found lots of info on what
appear to be single card configurations, but not much on dual-card

2) How do I tell mythtv to run the script to turn the cable box on and off
for that source?  Or should I just leave the cable box on when I know a
show from that source is going to be recorded?


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