[mythtv-users] Downloading cover and fanart in buld

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Tue Dec 15 21:35:22 UTC 2009

1) The "module xml" message is a warning and can be ignored.
2) Get and install the imdbpy package from your distro's repository or 
follow the supplied link.
3) The critical error is coming from the MythDB.py python binding when 
trying to connect to the MythTV data base. The message means you have 
not installed the latest the latest python bindings. so the MythDB,py 
binding is out of sync with your MythTV database.

Are you running Jamu from the installed scripts directory or from the 
source? You should be running jamu from a installed directory for 
example "/usr/local/share/mythtv/mythvideo/scripts/jamu.py"

I am not sure how you are building your installation from 0.22+fixes but 
to install the python bindings alone you can change to the source 
directory "mythtv/bindings/python" and '> python setup.py install'. I 
will admit that I am surprised that your sync up with the latest 
0.22+fixes and subsequent recompile/install did not update the python 

These issues must be fixed before proceeding with Jamu.


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