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Subject: [mythtv-users] Fixing overscan

ISTR that with the newer Nvidia drivers, one can adjust overcan.  I have
190.42 and I can't find an overscan setting in nvidia-settings.  How do
I go about fixing overscan?  I'm also running 0.22-fixes.



I don't get this thread, if you are using 190.42 then the global overscan correction should be there in the nvidia setting GUI 
towards the bottom of the options, possibly under "TV-0".   There is a overscan compensation slider which IMHO is better than the 
myth correction because it covers the desktop as well.  I'd be interested to hear if its not there!

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Do you know if the nvidia-settings GUI can be run from a VNC session to the front end box.  My current setup is front end and back 
ends.  I can't just use ssh -X nvidia-settings remote.  I'd have to connect a local keyboard and mouse.

I'd rather fix with the newest nvidia driver that apparently has the options to fix over scan rather then adjusting pixels etc.. 
within MythTV


I use VNC without a problem to see the GUI. 

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