[mythtv-users] frontend crashes when it starts

Goluboff goluboff+mythtv at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 22:39:09 UTC 2009

About 90% of the time that I try to start the frontend, it segfaults.
So I have to try to start it about 10 times, and then it'll start.
Once it starts, everything works great and it doesn't crash.

For each time it segfaults, I get the following in /var/log/kern.log

[402.656602] mythfrontend.re[3271] general protection ip:28b7eeb
sp:bfff1acc error:0 in libQtCore.so.4.5.2[2826000+22b000]

The sp, ip, and the numbers change (except for 22b000 which always
remains the same).

Any ideas on how I could even start to debug this?

I'm on Ubuntu Karmic, and installed 0.22 from the repo with apt-get.



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