[mythtv-users] The Boxee Box

Johnny Walker johnnyjboss at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 16:57:30 UTC 2009

On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 10:14 AM, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 December 2009 09:02:37 am Yan Seiner wrote:
>> I don't understand this attitude.  My customers pay me a reasonable fee
>> for a piece of hardware and then a reasonable fee for the service I
>> provide.  (It must be reasonable to them - they keep paying).  I'm not
>> sure why the entertainment industry giants don't understand this simple
>> truth.
> They have been sold on the concept of "control". To a large extent by
> Microsoft, who wants to be the sole provider of DRM "solutions".
> If you purchase a chair, the seller assumes you will not use it to break a
> jewelry store window. if you buy a brick, the seller does not assume you will
> use it to pummel your spouse to death.
> But with video content, the seller assumes that you are the worst sort of
> criminal, because MS has determined they can make money by pushing that
> sort of assumption.
> I'm happy to pay for content, but not again and again under circumstances
> where I can't use it the way I want to.

Another good example is Sony Digital Software - or formerly Sonic
Foundry Software - I used to use these products Sound Forge, Acid Pro
and Vegas Video - They weren't cheap - like hundreds of dollars each.
They would routinely de-register themselves and start encoding
watermarks and audio watermarks into rendered files until I could get
tech support on the line to correct the license issues.

Finally even though I had valid licenses I downloaded crack programs
to remove the license checking software so I could use my otherwise
legally purchased software.

What a pain.


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