[mythtv-users] Mythtv FE in a frequent power loss environment

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Dec 8 15:56:15 UTC 2009

Johnny Walker wrote:

>  > My diskless frontend has lost power several times and never suffered
>>  any ill effects from it. It would be impossible for it to corrupt the
>>  filesystem, as the integrity of that would be the responsibility of
>  > the nfs server machine.

>Wow - I'd like to pick your brain on NFS settings if you've never had
>an issue with NFS and data loss especially in a power failure

Err, the statement above is correct - a client crash should not be 
able to damage the **file system**. As already stated, the worst it 
should be able to do should be to damage an individual file that is 
being updated at the time of the crash.

The ideal method would be to mount filesystems read-only. Send syslog 
to another machine (such as the backend) instead of local files and 
you can probably eliminate the requirements for any writable 
filesystems on a frontend. Alternatively, put all the logging on it's 
own filesystem and be prepared to fix it (ie reformat it) if it gets 

However, I've found ext3 to be very robust, and ext2 isn't bad. I 
rather think that if you use ext3 then you're unlikely to have any 

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