[mythtv-users] What would cause "crackling" audio in some video playback

Aaron aaron at rb303.net
Mon Dec 7 16:10:00 UTC 2009

I have seen a couple threads on this recently, and have witnessed
first hand some of it.  My issue was playing DTS audio via SPDIF;
Dolby Digital plays fine.

One note, I switched to XBMC for my movies and have no audio issues
(everything plays fine) So it really leads me to believe the problem
is in Myth. I also do not have issues playing DTS tracks via Mplayer,
Xine, or VLC.

I personally can't say it's a ALSA issue because the other players play fine.

Some threads to look at regarding this issue:
[mythtv-users] Stuttering audio with DTS passthrough in 0.22-fixes
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