[mythtv-users] What would cause "crackling" audio in some video playback

Dave Richardson mythtv at derdev.com
Mon Dec 7 14:17:01 UTC 2009

Was showing off my mythtv system over the weekend and some videos
unexpectedly had some crackling in the audio playback.  I didn't take
inventory of which videos by file type or codec detail had the issue but I
know that they were not from TV shows that myth had recorded.  Others
played fine.  The ones that crackled weren't particularly intense audio
passages nor was the video hi-end HD.

Since my kit is SPDIF/Alsa audio, I could only think of a few reasons and
would appreciate some tips...

1) Heat in the FE messing with the works
2) The files themselves actually have the crackling embedded (will be
checking with my Windows laptop tonight)
3) The codecs for selected audio/video are interpreting a channel in a way
that leads to crackling - or the myth audio upsampling code was
introducing this crackling (how would I figure this out?)

I wasn't playing at particularly loud levels so I'm not thinking I taxed
the receiver or speakers to any measure.

Is is possible that an SDPIF cable could have a flaw that would lead to
such a thing?  Doesn't seem possible.


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