[mythtv-users] 'powerline' ethernet experience?

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 21:34:16 UTC 2009

Thank you to all that replied. To summarise, people have had
experience from atrocious (an offlist reply) to pretty good. The
limiting factor seems to be the quality of your power cabling and

This is my house so I CAN do what I like in terms of cabling. It was
built in the 20's, added to in the 70's and I suspect a lot of the
wiring is not great quality.

I think I will look harder at running some cat cable when I am on
holiday at Xmas/NY and have a bit of time ot get grubby. Mind you Xmas
dinner won't help with getting through some of the crawl spaces :)

The server cabinet is the cupboard under the stairs, and my 3D space
visualisation is not great, I think if I drill a hole HERE it might
come out in the right place, but more likely it will make an ugly hole
with majorly negative WAF. Watch this space...

Actually the current problem seems to have come when I changed router
firmware on the wireless router to gargoyle, and it doesn't seem to
have a setting to increase the transmit power like tomato did. Might
switch back.

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