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Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Fri Dec 4 03:04:09 UTC 2009

> I agree with the original post - I've got the iMon Pad remote control
> and there's not 2 good keys for I and M - I am using the Blue center
> "MultiMon" key for M but now what key should I use for I just so I can
> delete recordings?
> I really regret having bought a SilverStone case with this iMon Pad
> remote control. It's got way too many issues. For so many buttons it
> lacks a decent 'skip forward' and 'delete' key. I miss my old MCE
> remotes. I'm considering switching back to it. Too bad the IR receiver
> in my SilverStone case won't talk to them.

In part, I disagree...I think the imon pad has enough buttons with a
good set of functions...its just a matter of doing some remapping.
That said, I don't actually use that remote, merely because I'm not
crazy about the placement of keys. For instance....when watching a
given recording, the button you are most likely to use during the
recording are the transport controls (play, pause, rwnd, ffwd, etc)
and the volume. Yet these 2 groups are separated enough that (unless
you have big hands) you have to slide the remote in your hand to
switch between them. Extremely poor layout, IMHO.

But, back to your problem. I'm not sure what you've mappend to what so
far, but if I were to do it (and I did when I played around with that
remote for a while) I would make the menu and information keys map to
the 2 context menu keys to the left and right of the directional pad.
As for delete, I've got my system setup so that record acts as a
delete key, which works perfectly fine (at least in 0.21 it does).
When I'm in LiveTV, it toggle the recording on and off, but for the
watch recording screen and for pre-recorded content it serves as the
delete key. In that aspect, it's sort of a universal create-and-remove
recording button.

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