[mythtv-users] cards vs sources vs inputs confusion, problems and possible bugs

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Thu Dec 3 22:07:58 UTC 2009

Eric Sharkey píše v Čt 03. 12. 2009 v 16:41 -0500:
> >> Shouldn't the computer know better (using the chanids) which tuner
> >> is free and could be used?
> >
> > That's a fair point, and a feature I agree would be useful, but that's
> > not how MythTV works now from a tuning perspective.
> I use the same channel numbers for all of my sources and have never
> had a problem with LiveTV finding an appropriate tuner.

My most current findings are that as soon as the tuner live TV would
like to use (either first one or, if the "Avoid conflicts between live
TV and scheduling" is enabled the last one) is busy then live TV doesn't
go for next free tuner but gets locked onto the channel that is being
currently recorded. It doesn't even allow watching the other channels in
the multiplex (multiple recording set to 5 here).

No wait, this happens only for ArrowUp/Down. Entering channums directly
works properly.

> ChannelBase(10): Looking for startchannel 'NextChannel 0' on input 'DVBInput #1'

I think the problem lies in this zero channel - the live TV does not
know the current channel so the ArrowUp/Down does not work.

I am clearly facing a couple of problems at once. I should probably
first focus on why Myth doesn't know the current channum.


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