[mythtv-users] OT: Winter Hill work 2nd December?

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Thu Dec 3 19:32:34 UTC 2009

>>> FWIW anybody now having problems with signal quality should now look
>>> at their aerial & distribution setup since the power level of all
>>> muxes has been boosted tenfold.
>>> Too much gain in any amplification, or using the wrong kind of aerial
>>> or the wrong sort of combiner/splitter may result in damaging signal
>>> distortion.
>> Wonder why I am now seeing so many BER (although picture quality seems
>> fine). We have new aerial (approx 1yr old), which is correctly aligned. We
>> are at least 60 miles away from the transmitter in the flatlands of
>> Cheshire. We have a splitter box (not on the aerial) to divide the aerial
>> into 4 feeds to our tuner cards. Unfortunately, this doesn't give any info
>> as to its amplification and it's non adjustable.
>> Somewhere I have a two way splitter with adjustable gain. I'll try this out
>> and see if the BER drops.
> Did you get anywhere with this problem?
> I'm struggling with what seems like poor signal now, other TV's in the
> house which I have retuned
> seem fine, no artefacts or audio blips.
> However on BBC1 for instance, I am seeing artefacts and audio problems
> every 20 or 30 seconds?
> I thought it was a problem with the Nova-T tuner cards so I removed
> them and just have the USB tuner connected
> but it is the same.
> A Sony TV connected to the same amplified splitter is fine.
> Mike

No, since the quality of live TV/Recordings is OK I was going to wait 
until the weekend to investigate further.


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