[mythtv-users] Realtime priority

Johnny Walker johnnyjboss at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 14:49:00 UTC 2009

On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 7:48 AM, Johannes Koester
<johannes.koester at uni-dortmund.de> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm currently trying to set up realtime for mythfrontend.
> THis is my limits.conf:
> # Mythtv realtime priority
> *               -       rtprio     0
> *               -       nice       0
> @video          -      rtprio     50
> @video          -      nice       0

I believe "video" was the name of the example group that the user
running mythfrontend was supposed to be in. I don't know what distro
you are using, but in ubuntu that group name is 'mythtv'.

You can cat /etc/group to find out which one is correct.

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