[mythtv-users] Lose video when jump back

John Brown jb2904 at johnbrown.com.au
Thu Dec 3 11:39:15 UTC 2009

I am not sure where to start with the following problem.

When I am watching a recording on a remote Myth Frontend (described below)
and jump back (ie rewind) I lose the video and just get a dark blue screen.
The audio continues and remains consistent with if I jump forward or back,
but the video doesn't return.  To regain video I have to exit the record and
then re-enter it. This also happens often when I return from editing the

The previous Ibex Remote Frontend built on the same hardware had the same
problem. I was hoping the clean install of Karmic would make it go away. The
last remote frontend I had which didn't have this problem was Gutsy
(frontend and backend). So the problem seem to originate when I tried going
to Ibex, and now has persisted with a clean install of the frontend with
Karmic, although I have not done a clean install of the backend since
feisty, and am loath to do it now.

This problem does not occur on the Karmic frontend which is located on the
some computer as the Backend.

Where do I start?

Remote Frontend: Hardware Via EPIA EN12000 running Ubuntu Karmic (clean 
install a few weeks ago) with all updates installed with Mythtv Frontend 
release-0-22-fixes (22594) using 'Slim" playback profile edited to 
Decoder: VIA XvMC (the defaults to Video Renderer xvmc-bit as the only 

Backend: Karmic (originally Feisty, and progressively upgraded overtime to
a few weeks ago) with all updates installed. 


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