[mythtv-users] Fwd: Synching channel & program data on two machines?

Christian CvB at kruemel.org
Thu Dec 3 09:32:52 UTC 2009

Hi - does anybody have an idea which data from the mysql database I need
to sync between to separate machines, connected to the same dish, in order
to have program data synchronized?

Thanks, Christian

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I am running mythtv 0.22 on two machines here:

1. Ubuntu 8.04.3 server, backend-only, 24/7 running (mythtv compiled from
the 0.22 source available on the website)
2. Ubuntu 9.10 htpc, backend and frontend, running only if needed (mythtv
installed and kept updated through mythbuntu control center)

As network bandwidth between both machines is not too great, and since
it's sometimes broken, the htpc has its own, primary backend, and the
server runs a primary backend of its own. The server is used to record
shows. The htpc is used to watch recorded shows (e.g., streamed from the
server) and for liveTV.

As the htpc is online very rarely, it has no EIT data, and program data
might be out of date. So I thought that, since both machines are connected
to the same satellite dish through DVB-S receivers of their own, it should
be possible to sync channel and EIT data on both primary backends. For
that purpose, I've drafted the below script:

echo -n Retrieving server data...
mysqldump -u user -ppassword -h '[server]' mythconverg channel
channelgroup channelgroupnames channelscan channelscan_channel
channelscan_dtv_multiplex program >serverdata
echo  Done.
echo -n Importing retrieved data...
mysql -u user -ppassword mythconverg < serverdata
echo  Done.

Thing is, it's not working. I'm pretty sure I assumed that things would be
too easy, I don't know what I'm missing here. Maybe somebody could point
me into the right direction, please?

Thanks, Christian

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