[mythtv-users] HD-PVR: Encoding Errors Running 0.22

Dave Badia dbadia at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 02:23:18 UTC 2009

> I'm starting to think that the device is defective in some subtle way
> since it doesn't seem as if anybody else is seeing an identical
> pattern. Has anybody tried RMAing one of these units with Hauppauge? I
> wonder what the process would look like. I suppose my next step will
> be to hook it up to a Windows box and see if it fails in the same
> manner, since I'm guessing Hauppauge won't support its use under
> Linux.
> Jeremy

 I've RMA'd a few of my hdpvrs.. the first 2 times were b/c the unit
wouldn't work at all (I was in the 1st 100 orders or so)... the last time
was because I had intermittant issues with the component passthrough
flickering; that time I have to go back and forth with support quite a bit
but they did authorize a RMA.
Anyway some info about my setup in case it's helpful.. I'm still running .21
(this thread is one of the reasons I'm holding off) with the .21 hdpvr
patches.  Record from a directv hd receiver.  Probably record 3 or 4 shows a
week including at least 2 football games, have never had a bad recording.
Gentoo linux with a vanilla kernel on an asus m3a.  Good luck!

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