[mythtv-users] Sound with Fedora 12

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Wed Dec 2 23:37:38 UTC 2009

Kim Gross wrote:
> I had to reinstall on my main frontend and installed Fedora 12 (was 
> running fedora 10).  I got myth installed without any major problems, 
> and figured out how to get the Nvidia drivers install, but I still can 
> not get sound working in Mythfrontend.  I understand it is an issue with 
> Fedora defaulting to pulseaudio, but I can't figure out how to work 
> around this.  Any suggestions?

This worked in Fedora 10, and on my laptop with a new Fedora 12.
This with the fedora and fedora-updates repos enabled.
Atrpms and/or rpmfusion are not involved in this.

echo "          Install alsa audio files"
  yum -y --nogpgcheck install alsa-* alsamixergui
  echo ""
  echo "          ********************************* "
  echo ""
  echo ""
  echo "         Now remove pulse audio files mythtv does not need"
  echo ""
  echo "         Do NOT use 'remove pulseaudio*' as this will remove 
  echo "         which will kill gdm and other core programs."
  echo ""
  yum -y remove pulseaudio alsa-plugins-pulseaudio pavucontrol \
                pulseaudio-utils gstreamer-plugins-pulse \
                pulseaudio-core-libs akode-pulseaudio


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