[mythtv-users] Nightly shutdown + RTC Wakeup

Drew Bernat abernat at zathras.net
Wed Dec 2 17:58:47 UTC 2009

On Dec 2, 2009, at 11:26 AM, Mitch Gore wrote:

> 1. This is a diskless server for my frontends.
> 2.  Box servers DHCP and DNS

I have a similar setup, although more complicated. I moved DHCP and DNS to a Linux install on my router (DD-WRT actually) and have the frontends wake the backend up when they start. That way the backend can be off except for when it's recording. 

Configuring the frontends was a bit of a pain but not too bad. You still need a server somewhere to feed them boot images, but that's done by a (3rd) machine that's on all the time anyway. 


Drew Bernat
abernat at zathras.net

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