[mythtv-users] Development - was Re: slow dvb lock in .21

Robin Hill myth at robinhill.me.uk
Thu Apr 30 08:07:58 UTC 2009

On Thu Apr 30, 2009 at 01:45:31AM -0500, Jeremy Enos wrote:

> On an unproductive note, it indeed is "I don't need livetv, so you 
> shouldn't" in several buffering delay discussions.  Not saying they all 
> degenerate to that, but enough where I began to wonder if some developers 
> understand the value in feature matching the competition.
The answer here is almost certainly NO.  I doubt the developer's have
any desire to match the "competition" (or to "compete" at all).
Development here (as on most non-commercially developed open-source
applications) is done on the basis of what the developers themselves
want from the application - if it's useful to others then that's just a

The situation's actually pretty much the same for _any_ application -
your requirements are valued on the basis of what you put into the
project as a whole.  For commercial applications this is a financial
input (and the more you pay, the more say you get - so a lot of
development happens to cater for the whims of large corporate
customers).  For non-commercial applications it's down to contributing
code, documentation, QA testing, etc.

If you're getting Myth without contributing anything to the project (as
most of us are - including myself) then you shouldn't expect to have any
significant impact on the development process (or future direction).

Apologies for the topic drift, but it just irritates me when people (not
picking Jeremy out in particular) believe that open-source applications
are actively "competing" with closed-source (or other open-source)

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