[mythtv-users] Enabling Xv on ATI HD 3200

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Mon Apr 27 16:28:32 UTC 2009

Paul Gardiner wrote:
>> Where does one go for the latest radeon driver?
> The instructions at http://www.x.org/wiki/Development/git worked for
> me, other than having to work out the right path for autogen.sh's
> --prefix argument, and having to install an xorg devel package that
> I can't remember the name of.

Thanks Paul, when I make some time I'll check out that route.

I'm not seeing that anyone as a solution for the tearing. It *seems* like
people have had some success under OpenGL. A bit out of my depth here. Is
OpenGL/Xv an either-or thing with Myth? Can Myth even use OpenGL?

For anyone reading this thread in the future, good place to start with the
fglrx driver as far as Myth goes:


Although it looks like the page needs updating. The proprietary driver  is
version 8.6 in the 9.4 Catalyst package release.

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