[mythtv-users] Getting started with Myth installation

Johnny Russ jruss at mit.edu
Tue Sep 30 15:05:37 UTC 2008

> daryl at ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install mythtv
>   [snip]

> dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of mythtv:
>  mythtv depends on mythtv-backend (= 0.21.0+fixes18207-0ubuntu4~hardy1);
> however:
>  Package mythtv-backend is not configured yet.

It looks like mythtv-backend wasn't removed or not completely removed. You
might want to try opening synaptic and search for packages with myth in
their name, and make sure everything is actually removed. Sometimes you may
have just removed a 'meta-package' and didn't actually removed the packages
that the meta-package installed.

Also as others have suggested it is much nicer and easier to use the
mythbuntu. You don't have to do a mythtbuntu install with a mythbuntu CD. I
run one machine that is a combined backend/frontend/desktop, which I believe
is what you were trying to accomplish. I usually install Ubuntu and get it
setup how I want. Then I run:

sudo apt-get install mythbuntu-desktop

It seems they have even made this unnecasary now. They have a webpage where
you can just click on a link to a php script that will get the installation
process going on an existing Ubuntu machine:
http://www.mythbuntu.org/existing-ubuntu. This should install all of the
packages you need and it will take care of most of the configuration you
would need to do also. Once it is installed you can go to the Ubuntu
Settings menu and you will see the Mythbuntu Control Center. From there you
can add/remove the frontend or backend, setup remotes, add/remove mythtv
plugins and many more things. They aren't all of the way there yet but the
goal is for you to be able to setup and configure anything you would need
for mythtv from the Mythbuntu control center. Like most things in the world
of Linux it is simple and easy if everything works, but can be a real pain
if some small thing goes wrong. Hopefully this can get you on the easy path.
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